Mother’s Day Gift Ideas…a little token to say, “THANK YOU MOM!”

Jasmine WCCO Mid Morning -  May 2015

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Mother’s Day is a day designated to honor and celebrate mommies, moms, mommas, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, Godmothers and those that stand in the gap by serving as a mother figure through ongoing support, guidance, encouragement, advice, assistance and LOVE. All though it’s not necessary to give the mothers in your life a gift; Mothers not only enjoy quality time on Mother’s Day  but also often appreciate a “store bought” token on Mother’s Day.

Here are a few gift ideas as we prepare for Mother’s Day.


Lindt Chocolate Truffles RED BAG

Melt Mom’s Heart

What mother doesn’t love chocolate? Make mom melt this Mother’s Day with a bag of Lindt LINDOR Truffles. They come in a variety of sizes and offer a bag of milk chocolate truffles for under $5. At that price point you can give a “Mother’s Day Token” to all the mothers in your inner circle this year and because I LOVE A DEAL here’s a coupon for $2 off a bag of LINDOR truffles.

AND for my Twin Cities friends May 9th is LINDOR Chocolate Day and Lindt is hosting a special event at the Mall of America from 12-8 PM. Attendees can experience their very own #LINDORMelt moment, sample LINDOR Milk Chocolate truffles, experience a virtual reality relaxing experience and pickup a special coupon!

Christopher and Banks

Help Mom Look Good

Christopher and Banks has a variety of  styles, sizes and accessories designed to help mom look good and feel good. I’m a firm believer that when we look good we feel good. Christopher and Banks have clothing to take mom from work to casual play or to get dressed up. Additionally, I LOVE that Christopher and Banks are honoring mom’s this Mother’s Day with their Amazing Woman contest. I’m nominating my mom…what about you?

Marsala KeurigSingle Cup of Coffee for Mom, Please

My mom requested, “One of those coffee pots that lets me make a single cup of coffee at a time.” So she’s getting a KEURIG 2.0 K450 in Marsala the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. I decided to go with the KEURIG because it will enable her to make her “single cup” of coffee and a pot of coffee- should she choose too. Additionally, with the KEURIG she can make up to four hundred different beverages. Teavana in BloomTea Party Fun with Mom

The beautiful In Bloom Collection from Teavana caught my eye at the mall over the weekend. This gift features two flavorful white teas from Teavana, Flowering Pineapple and Lemon Marigold Blossom that unravel into beautiful blooms when steeped in the included Pagoda Teapot.

This Bunny Loves You

Pamper Mom with a Spa Treatment at Home

When I want to relax at home and pretend, I’m at the spa I pull out my  Farmhouse Fresh products. Farmhouse Fresh products are made with natural and naturally derived products. Allow mom to create her very own spa experience at home with the same products found at luxury hotels, spas, and resorts across the country.

Motherhood is the hardest job in the world! Take a little time to let your mom or the mother figure in your life know that you value and appreciate them with something a little special called a gift this Mother’s Day and while you’re at it don’t forget to CARPE DIEM!

Wishing my PHENOMENAL mom and all mothers a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Jasmine and Mom 2







Sunrise Faith

Sunrise Faith

This morning I am reminded of sunrise faith which is so fitting as me and my faith group prepare to commemorate the SON RISING tomorrow. Sunrise faith is knowing that you will make it through. It’s believing in abundance, and your worthiness; it’s understanding that miracles can open up your life in ways you’ve never even imagined.

What a blessing, to see the sun come across the horizon with subtle boldness before reaching its destination high in the clouds. I’m reminded that today is a NEW day, a NEW opportunity filled with NEW moments to seize as we strive to Carpe Diem. This morning I’m filled with EXTRA gratitude for God’s love, mercy, grace and favor!

PEACE BE WITH YOU my friends!







2015 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit

Women of Power Banner

Last week I partnered with Macy’s to serve as the Macy’s Social Media Ambassador during the 10th Annual Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit held at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa. The Black Enterprise Women of Power brought together over 900 influential business women who work in various sectors of businesses and functional areas from locations across the globe. The summit enabled attendees to boost and further their leadership skills, network with world class decision makers and learn new strategies for keeping ahead of corporate trends.

Macy's Logo

Day 1

The 10th Annual Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit started on Monday March 2, 2015 with a Shopping Excursion hosted by Macy’s followed by food and fun; however, what resonated with me most about the event was Macy’s commitment to diversity. The fashion show, food, personal shoppers and beauty stations filled with make-up artists, hair stylists and manicurists were the perfect tools to prepare summit attendees to put their best personal image forward and unwind from travel stress.

After the Macy’s Shopping Excursion there was a Purpose and Pearls Beach Party where Carla A. Harris, Vice Chairman of Global Wealth Management and Managing Director Morgan Stanley, Senior Client Advisor, shared some pearls of wisdom for tapping into one’s personal power while moving beyond fear and to obtain a successful career.

The Pearls of Wisdom that resonated with me are:

  1. Your authenticity is at the heart of your power.
  2. It may not add up; but the more you give, the more you get and power is not POWER until you give it away.
  3. Nobody can ever be you; don’t ever submerge that which is uniquely you.
  4. When you approach things from a place of FEAR you will ALWAYS under perform and under deliver.
  5. You create performance currency by under promising and over delivering.
  6. Power lies in your perspective…are you standing in your truth or in someone else’s circle.
  7. Power is the ability to influence an outcome.
  8. Your ability to ascend is the function of someone else’s judgement.
  9. There are 2 types of currency needed to be successful…performance currency and relationship currency.
  10. In order to be a leader in the 21st Century you have to be comfortable taking risks; keeping your head down will not prevent you from getting a shot so take risks.
Jasmine And Carla A. Harris

Carla A. Harris & Jasmine


Day 2

The second day of the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit was jam- packed. We heard three dynamic keynotes from Lisa Nichols, CEO, Motivating the Masses; Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour, the first African American female combat pilot in the U.S. armed forces, and Mellody Hobson, President, Ariel Investment L.L.C. In addition, we had the opportunity to attend breakout sessions on a variety of topics such as leadership, career planning, financial independence, Clifton Strength Finders, goal setting and authenticity. Summit Attendees we’re also given the opportunity for one-on-one executive coaching on goal setting, both long-term and short-term professional strategies, finances and executive style coaching sponsored by Macy’s.

Execu Diva Style Coaching

During my executive style coaching session with Sheila Coates, I learned that a person’s clothing speaks to their personal brand just as much as their personality and work. As a female it’s important that we identify our personal brands, affirm our brands, believe our brands (I’m still working on my personal branding statement) and show it. The key is to know what we want our personal brand to be so that we can affirm it through mental modeling and affirmation while becoming it through belief which will result in showing it through personal power and confidence.

Day 3

Judy Smith Scandal

The second day of the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit started with a keynote by the real Olivia Pope, Judy Smith (the inspiration for the television phenomenon, Scandal), Founder, President & CEO, Smith & Co. Judy shared 7 tips for handling a crisis.

  1. In a crisis….KNOW THE FACTS (the truth, not distorted facts)
  2. In a crisis…TRUST YOUR GUT
  3. In a crisis…TELL THE TRUTH (the truth always comes out)
  4. In a crisis…KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO END UP (what’s your end game)
  5. In a crisis….KNOW THE LANDSCAPE (Know the environment in which you are operating)
  7. In a crisis….LISTEN TO PEOPLE

After Judy Smith’s keynote there were a few more dynamic breakout sessions followed by a garden luncheon that featured a fashion show by Macy’s. The fashion show was commentated by the one and only Audrey Smaltz, CEO, The Ground Crew and former Fashion commentator for Ebony magazine. Mrs. Smaltz declared that “black women look GREAT in color” and commended Macy’s for having a variety of sizes for REAL WOMEN. After the fashion show summit attendees were treated to an “Execu Diva” shopping party at a pop-up Macy’s located in one of the hotel ballrooms. The ballroom was literally transformed into a Macy’s Department store. I enjoyed the mocktails, DJ, photo booth and shopping (I found a great new product from Fashion Fair Cosmetics which was a concealer and foundation in one compact).

Macys Fashion Show Flowers

Jasmine and Audrey Smaltz

Jasmine and Audrey Smaltz

Fashion Show_ 3rd day

Model from Macy’s Execu Diva Fashion Show

Fashion show 2_3rd Day

Model from Macy’s Execu Diva Fashion Show

Pop up Macy's Sign

The Macy’s Pop-Up Shop Mirrored a Traditional Macy’s Department Store…Even the Signs


The 2015 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit closed with a Farewell Celebration and Dinner that featured comedians Amberia Allen, Zainab Johnson and Hadiyah Robinson as well as a concert by Boyz II Men.

I thoroughly enjoyed serving as Social Media Ambassador for Macy’s during the 10th Annual Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit. I learned a lot from the conference and I enjoyed connecting with the dynamic group from Macy’s and other conference attendees. My top five takeaways from the conference are:

  1. The importance of tapping into my personal power.
  2. Learning how to effectively manage a crisis.
  3. Better understanding of the common competencies of great leaders.
  4. Further development of my personal brand.
  5. Great networking: building new relationships and re-connecting with former mentors, colleagues and associates.

Jasmine Interviewing

I highly recommend the Black Enterprise Women of Power Conference to anyone seeking to enhance their performance and professional development. I would like to give a special THANK YOU to Macy’s for the opportunity to serve as the Macy’s Social Media Ambassador and share this conference with those that weren’t able to attend via social media.


Party with a Purpose, Good for Generations: Celebrating United Way @100

United Way 100

I love a Party with a Purpose and today the Greater Twin Cities United Way is celebrating their 100th birthday and launching their Centennial year with their Good For Generations Celebration. The FREE party is being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 5 – 8 PM and I’ve been told there’s going to be SPECIAL music performances by a few secret performers, hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.


In addition to celebrating their 100th birthday, the Greater Twin Cities United Way is launching a volunteer campaign that seeks to engage 100,000 people to volunteer this year. More details can be found online at the Greater Twin Cities United Way’s website. As an active community volunteer,  I believe that helping an organization in need and sharing your talents with an organization or person that can benefit from you giving freely of your time and talents is one of the best ways to seize the day and I encourage you to volunteer with the United Way, a United Way supported organization or an organization of your choice. In the spirit of the words Martin Luther King Jr. pointedly shared, “Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.”



Forgiving, Freeing and Releasing

Hands Today is the beginning of Lent. Lent is viewed as a time of repentance for many denominations of Christianity. According to Wikipedia repentance is “the activity of reviewing one’s actions and feeling contrition or regret for past wrongs. Repentance generally involves a commitment to personal change and resolving to live a more responsible and humane life;” therefore, Lent is the perfect opportunity to forgive, free and release ourselves and others of past wrongdoings, regrets and mistakes.Forget-what-hurt-you-but-never-forget-what-it-taught-youForgiving, freeing and releasing ourselves and others of past wrongdoings, regrets and mistakes in not forgetting but it allows us move on with our lives. As a person that has struggled with forgiving, freeing and releasing myself as well as others at times I know that forgiving, freeing and releasing is a process. It begins by acknowledging the wrong that was done to you; taking time to reflect on it and deciding how you want to think about it; then developing healthy steps to protect yourself. It ends when you can remember the wrong that was done without feeling resentment or a desire to pursue revenge.

Credit: Louise Hay - Power Card

Credit: Louise Hay – Power Card

If you are a Christian let’s use the next 40 days to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection by forgiving, freeing and releasing. If you don’t practice Christianity or Lent use the next six weeks to develop a new habit of forgiving, freeing and releasing yourself and others. Forgiving, freeing and releasing ourselves and others of past wrongdoings, regrets and mistakes allows us to live bold, healthy and happy lives which in return enable us to Carpe Diem!



Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Today is Monday, January 5, 2015 and for many of us it’s the first day back to work after taking a few days off to celebrate the holidays and New Year. A New Year means new things and many of us set New Year’s Resolutions aimed at bettering our lives. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? A study from the University of Scranton reveals that only 8% of people that make New Year’s Resolutions are successful in completing their goals. Furthermore, studies show that big, ambiguous goals may provide a brief surge of motivation but when that fades people end up feeling worse. Trying to transform one’s life, all at once, is not very realistic and for those reasons I don’t think we should make New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, I contend that we should focus on establishing personal goals that align with our future plans and dreams. The good news is that If you’ve already failed at one of your New Year’s Resolutions or if you’re still trying to figure out what you want accomplish in 2015 here are four ways you can establish goals that will allow you to better yourself and create a happy and more fulfilling life in 2015.

Word of the Year:     I’ve created a word of the year for the past three years and each word I have chosen has set the tone for my year. A word of the year serves as a guidepost or overall theme for one’s year. When establishing a word of the year, one should choose a word that:

  • Is personal and related to what they want to do, accomplish, achieve, experience or become in 2015.
  • Be ONE word (REMEMBER it’s called a WORD not WORDS of the year)
  • Be clear

Word of the Year Tools:

My word of the year for 2015 is OPTIMIZE


Letter to Self:     A letter to self is great exercise for those that may not have identified what goals they want to accomplish in 2015. It is also a creative way for one to reflect on what they hope to accomplish this year by writing a letter to self that looks at 2015 from a place of having achieved their dreams and goals for the year. When writing a letter to self it should be dated to yourself from the future, e.g., January 5, 2016. Letters to self can also be a personal thank you note in which the writer thanks his/herself for all the steps he/she took to achieve their goals in 2015.

Letter to Self

Shorter Goals:     Committing to do something for an entire year can be very daunting. Instead of stressing one’s self out with a large, lofty goal I recommend making shorter goals. The 52 Week Money Challenge is an example of how someone with a New Year’s Resolution or goal to save more money in 2015 can shorten a large, lofty goal of saving into something very easy and manageable. The 52 Week Money Challenge is easy and manageable because one simply saves the dollar amount that corresponds with each week of the year. Participants in the 52 Week Money Challenge that save the correct amount every week will have saved over $1,300 by the end of year.

52 Week Money Challenge from freshandorganized

Photo Credit: Fresh and Organized

Another option is to stick with a broader goal but make it attainable by establishing specific, shorter tactics for each month or a set period of time that will help one accomplish their broader goal. I have a goal of being HEALTHIER this year which sounds very broad. I’ve implemented a few tactics for the first quarter of 2015 that I believe will allow me to achieve this goal:

  • Weekly weigh-ins and check-ins at Midwest Weight Control Center and following the meal plan provided by their nutritionist
  • Working out a minimum of three times a week and weekly workouts at Bodies by Burgoon
  • Resetting my internal system by eating Whole 30 foods for the month of January

In March, I will create tactics for the second quarter of 2015 that I believe will lead to me accomplishing my goal of being HEALTHIER in 2015.

Tools for Setting Shorter Goals:

  • 52 Week Money Saving Challenge Guide Sheet from Fresh and Organized
  • NIKE has a wonderful FREE app called N+TC (Nike Training Club) that contains 100 free workouts with NIKE master trainers that allow participants to choose their training level and decide if they want a workout that will allow them to get lean, tone-up or build strength. Additionally, it allows users to connect with friends and share their personal successes, goals and pics on social media. It’s what I affectionately call, #GetFitwithNike
  • MyFitnessPal is a free website and app that allows users to track their meals, calories and workouts. MyFitnessPal also has a social component that allows users to connect with their user community and friends that are using the app and/or website.
  • Jawbone Up is a fitness tracker that counts steps, duration of sleep and calories. It also has a social component and syncs with MyFitnessPal. I’ve been tracking daily steps with my Jawbone Up for the past year and I’m committed to 10,000 steps a day which is not an easy task.

Vision Board:     Vision Boards are my favorite way of establishing my goals and dreams for the year. A vision board is a collection of images and phrases that state and inspire one to pursue their goals and dreams. Visualization is a key component of one’s personal success and vision boards are a creative way to visualize one’s desires and accomplishments for 2015. Vision boards can be made in a variety of formats- poster board, electronically and notebook or scrapbook. This year I purchased a canvas from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores which gave my vision board a more sturdy foundation and artistic appearance.

I discussed Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions on WCCO This Morning. Click the picture below to view the segment.

{Click photo to see my WCCO This Morning Segment on New Year's Resolutions}

{Click photo to see my WCCO This Morning Segment on New Year’s Resolutions}

Should you decide to stick with traditional New Year’s Resolutions or implement one of the Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions discussed in this post I wish you a joyful New Year filled with happiness, accomplishment of goals, success, peace, love and abundance…HAPPY NEW YEAR!CD_Jasmine_Signoff_STAR

Winner will be selected on January 14, 2015

Winner will be selected on January 14, 2015

{VLOG} The Power to Choose

The holiday season can be a time of mixed emotions. In our darkest moments there’s always a little hope!

YouTube Preview Image

Holiday Giveaway # 3 – The Miracle-Gro® AeroGarden® 3SL 

I’m having a lot of fun growing fresh herbs with my hydroponic AeroGarden! I’ve become an urban farmer and this past weekend I harvested dill and basil from the garden. You can WIN a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 3SL by leaving a comment below with your FAVORITE holiday dish. Maybe you’ll start the New Year with your own hydroponic AeroGarden. Winner will be chosen on December 23, 2014.

Jasmine's Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 3SL

Jasmine’s Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 3SL

Caprese Salad made with Fresh Basil from my AeroGarden

Caprese Salad made with fresh basil  from my AeroGarden

Egg Salad with fresh dill from my Aero Garden

Egg Salad with fresh dill from my Aero Garden

Wishing you a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


National Believe Day – Holiday Giveaway # 2

One of my childhood Christmas memories is going to Rich’s in downtown Atlanta with my mom to take my picture with Santa Claus and to ride the Pink Pig.

Pink Pig_I road the Pink Pig

Rich’s is now a part of the Macy’s family and the downtown Atlanta location is no longer open but Macy’s continues the Pink Pig tradition and has started a new tradition called National Believe Day in partnership with Make-A-Wish. National Believe Day aims to inspire Americans to spread the spirit of generosity during the holiday season.

The Macy’s Believe campaign invites kids of all ages to bring their stamped letters to Santa to their local Macy’s store; in fact, some Macy’s have  a designated area where kids of all ages can write the letter for Santa. Letters can even be sent online.  For every letter received now through Dec. 24, Macy’s will donate $1, up to $1 million, to Make-A-Wish. For National Believe Day, Macy’s is offering a double donation – for every letter received in-store and online on Friday, Dec. 12 only, Macy’s will donate an additional $1 to Make-A-Wish, up to an extra $1 million, above the existing $1 million campaign goal.

Macys Beleive Letter to Santa

KBS mailing her letter to Santa at the State Street Macy’s in Chicago last year

In the spirit of spreading generosity (and thanks to a partnership with Macy’s) this holiday season I’m giving my readers a special BELIEVE holiday package this holiday season! Simply share how you plan to Carpe Diem this holiday season and you could win! I’ll select and announce the winner on Friday, December 19th.





VLOG: Schedule a DATE with Yourself this Holiday Season – Holiday Giveaway #1

YouTube Preview Image


Enter to WIN the Verizon Ellipsis 7 by:

1. Leaving a comment below with your Word of the Year for 2015 or brief summary of your 2015 road map plans.


2. LIKING @CARPEDIEMJBS on Instagram and leaving your Word of the Year for 2015 or brief summary of your 2015 road map plans.

Verison Ellipsis 7


Expressing Gratitude During Thanksgiving

Every year millions of American families come together for Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday filled with food and family recipes but more importantly Thanksgiving is an opportunity for us to give  THANKS and celebrate our blessings with family and friends. Simply stated Thanksgiving is about GRATITUDE. Here are few creative and engaging ways to express gratitude during your Thanksgiving festivities.


Gratitude Tree

Photo Credit: Simply Vintage Girl

Photo Credit: Simply Vintage Girl

A Count Your Blessings Tree is another way Thanksgiving guests can capture what they have to be thankful for.  Guests can write what they are thankful for on the tree or they can use these creative circles to decorate their Count Your Blessings Tree.

Photo Credit: Some What Simple

Photo Credit: Some What Simple


Place Cards

If you use place cards for your table setting add something special by incorporating a reason why you are THANKFUL for the designated person on the place card. There are great templates for Thanksgiving place cards on Pinterest. Place cards are a great personal touch that don’t require a lot of effort!

Thankful Crescent Rolls

A Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without a bread basket. Add a hand written or typed expression of gratitude to your crescent rolls before you bake them and your guest will be pleasantly surprised. It’s better than a fortune cookie!


Gratitude Rolls


Gratitude Rolls

Thankful Turkeys

If your family is like my extended family we typically have a “Kids’ Table.” Thankful Turkeys are a creative way to get your kids to reflect on what they are THANKFUL for plus, it will keep them occupied while the adults talk.

I used dessert size paper plates brushed with glitter paint as the turkey body. Feathers were made from construction paper and the face was made used clothes pins, googly eyes and pipe cleaner. Thankful Turkeys are a great keepsake and can be used as decorations next Thanksgiving.

Photo Credit: Carpe Diem with Jasmine

Photo Credit: Carpe Diem with Jasmine



When I count my blessings I’m thankful for your continued support! I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and to share your personal experiences, comments and opinions. I have some EXCITING things planned for the holiday season. So stay tuned for updates. Wishing you and yours a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving filled with gratitude, love, happiness and yummy food…THANK YOU for being you!