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Introducing the Carpe Diem Challenge

People often ask me what I mean when I say Carpe Diem. I contend that seizing the day is not always about being an adventurist, having some exuberant experience or receiving good news. I believe that seizing the day is mindset. It’s the conscious decision to live a life that is filled with making the… View Article

iHeartRadio Music Festival 2013

Two weeks ago I had dinner with my friend Dana Marie and she said “you should be the social media correspondent for…” I replied that I would LOVE to be a social media correspondent. Fast forward two weeks and I’ve been given the opportunity to be a social media correspondent for Vacation Express! Me and… View Article

Lee Daniels’ The Butler

I can count the number of movies I see in the movie theater a year on one hand however, I’ve anxiously awaited seeing Lee Daniels’ The Butler since I heard about the movie last fall. I’m so happy the studio decided to move the release day up to August from it’s original October 2013 release… View Article

Glamorama: Fashion in a New Light (Minneapolis)

This past Friday I had the honor of attending Macy’s Glamorama fashion show in Minneapolis as a guest blogger.   Macy’s Glamorama has been on my “list” for several years because it is one of the TOP fashion events in Minneapolis but more importantly it’s a GREAT Party with a Purpose! Those of you that personally know… View Article

My Inner Child

  Those that know me personally, know that I collect dolls and have an affinity for Barbies! This past week I saw a tweet that about the Barbie is Moving Tour coming to Minneapolis I immediately put on my “Auntie Jasmine” hat and called my friend to arrange a “borrowing”  of her daughter to take… View Article

Do You Believe?

During my recent vacation I had the opportunity to visit The Vatican and attend a Sunday Blessing service by Pope Benedict Francis. I went to the Sunday service because “I wanted to see the Pope,” but as I stood in St. Peter’s Square with hundreds and thousands of people my spirit was touched. I was… View Article

Mother’s Day Revisited

Last weekend I traveled home to Atlanta to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. We had wonderful weekend together filled with lots of quality time and shopping (what lady doesn’t enjoy a little shopping)! I also hosted a luncheon on Saturday at Horseradish Grill for a group a special ladies I call my village moms and my… View Article


My week started with a text from one of my dearest and closest friends.   After reading it I screamed “WHAT… a man, a boat, a two week crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and France!”  That kind of text requires an immediate phone call and even though it was before 8 AM I decided to break my… View Article

What lies at the foundation when you think of seizing the day?

Last Friday the temperatures FINALLY rose above 70 degrees in Minneapolis. The warm weather instantly brightened everyone’s mood and every patio in town scrambled to open for lunch and dinner. In true Minnesota form I met a few friends for happy hour at Crave to soak up the warmth on their spacious patio in St…. View Article

As Providence Will Guide Me

This past weekend I went away to celebrate the birthday of one of my dearest friends and the birthday of another friend. It was a mini vacation that could not have come at a better time. I’ve been on the grind professionally, experiencing some lows and weighing big decisions personally…needless to say there’s been A LOT on my mind. Sunday morning we… View Article

A Welcome Home Treat

Earlier this month I met a friend for lunch and a walk around the Macy’s Flower Show (  It was a nice afternoon treat to catch-up with my friend and to see, smell and EXPERIENCE all of the BEAUTIFUL flowers. I’ve always been drawn to flowers and keep fresh flowers in my home. I believe that my… View Article

The Macy’s Flower Show

It’s been on my “list” forever! This year I finally made it to the Macy’s Flower Show, It was the perfect afternoon outing and I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s theme of the Painted Garden because of all the vivid and aromatic fresh flowers. Here are a few pictures I captured on my handy dandy iPhone…. View Article

A Weekend of Girlfriends: A Girl’s Night Out

I’m fortunate to have the freedom and flexibility to be able to get together with my friends pretty regularly. However, some of my girlfriends have families and other obligations that that don’t provide them with that freedom. Nonetheless, I can attest that quality girlfriend time does everyone a world of good. There really is something… View Article

Seizing the Winter Home Stretch

Across the country it appears that we are having a LONG & BRUTAL winter. Today I shared my ideas for seizing the winter hump on Twin Cities Live. Here’s a link to the segment, “Conquer the Winter Blues”          

Words of Affirmation

As a child when I was picked on or spoken to meanly my mom would always remind me of the age old adage, “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” Let me tell you… my hand to God! (in my best Staten Island accent)  That was a L-I-E! Words… View Article

Where or How do You Begin to Seize the Day?

People often ask me how do you begin to Carpe Diem or “seize the day?”  I firmly believe it begins with GRATITUDE. I remember going through a really dark period in my life.  I felt terrible and I felt even worse because I was in such an extended funk. During that period I was inspired… View Article

Carpe Diem ~ Seize the Day

When I decided to re-launch my blog I knew I wanted to have a designated place where I could share how I seize the day.  Most people think seizing the day is about grandiose experiences, buying expensive things or taking fabulous vacations but it really isn’t.  It’s a mindset…it’s about being in the present and… View Article

Word of the Year

Have you heard of a word of the year? If you answered NO, don’t feel bad I hadn’t heard of this concept until this year. One of my friends, Lia Keith shared her word of the year in a Facebook post. That was the first time encounter I had with the phrase word of the… View Article