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Sunrise Faith

This morning I am reminded of sunrise faith which is so fitting as me and my faith group prepare to commemorate the SON RISING tomorrow. Sunrise faith is knowing that you will make it through. It’s believing in abundance, and your worthiness; it’s understanding that miracles can open up your life in ways you’ve never even… View Article

Carpe Diem Challenge: September 13, 2013

Make new friends but keep the old…. One of my dear friends, Daarel is starting a new chapter and moving from Atlanta to Memphis to work at this really cool education “hub.” In the spirit of celebrating his NEW job and NEW chapter my friend Natasha and I invited Daarel out for a “last hooray… View Article

Carpe Diem Challenge: September 12, 2013

I knew she had a series of work out videos I knew she was married to Ted Turner That sums up what I new about Jane Fonda until I watched her Master Class last year. After listening to her life experiences and pearls of wisdom I learned about her as an individual; as a person… View Article

Carpe Diem Challenge: September 11, 2013

Last week I announced that I’m competing in Vacation Express’ Social Savvy Rockstar Contest. Basically, I have to develop a social media campaign that features me as a Social Savvy Social Media Correspondent for Vacation Express. Additionally, I NEED you, your partner/spouse, your friends, your family…basically “everybody and ‘dem” to VOTE for me at…. View Article

Carpe Diem Challenge: September 10, 2013

I don’t know how she does but my mother finds a way to mention that I’m not married and childless EVERY SINGLE DAY! I don’t think she realizes how annoying it is despite the numerous times I have told her to stop. Yesterday I  drove myself into a state of fear that I would become… View Article

Carpe Diem Challenge: September 9, 2013

  My Carpe Diem moments for September 9, 2013  were connecting with my friend Malika for dinner and getting over 8 hours of sleep. My life has been really really busy lately (I’m not complaining). The last time I was in Atlanta I tried to connect with my friend Malika, however due to my schedule… View Article

Introducing the Carpe Diem Challenge

People often ask me what I mean when I say Carpe Diem. I contend that seizing the day is not always about being an adventurist, having some exuberant experience or receiving good news. I believe that seizing the day is mindset. It’s the conscious decision to live a life that is filled with making the… View Article