I have learned…

A few months ago I decided that I was going to be like Paul (the apostle) and be content in all situations. I was no longer going to play these self torturing mind games of If I did —-, made this amount of money, lived —–, lost twenty pounds, got married or had a baby that life would be PERFECT! More importantly I decided I was going to fully embrace my current state.

But then something happened a few weeks ago. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I walked right into a pity party going on in the middle of my living room. I love a party just like the next person however; I’ve never been a big fan of pity parties. I was sucked in; sulking and singing woe is me…it was a bad sight. Fortunately, for me and my peace of mind the party was interrupted by a phone call from a girlfriend telling me she was in the neighborhood and was going to stop by for a glass of wine. I quickly pulled myself together and placed the” happy face” on. Little did I know, but my girlfriend had been having her own pity party before she arrived at my house. My attractive girlfriend who happens to be a successful entrepreneur with a beautiful house, loving husband, supportive family and adorable children had been experiencing insecurities and frustrations in her life too. She was venting about the fact that her beautiful house needed to be cleaned, her loving husband and supportive family members were for some reason getting on her last nerve and to top it all off her adorable children were interrupting her sleep at night.

Our conversation and time together re-confirmed my original thought that like Paul we need to learn to be content in all in situations. There is no such thing as PERFECT. Just when we think we’ve got it all set, all figured out, were in a great place, BOOM something happens that if we allow it to by giving it credence and validation can mentally set us back or allow a pity party to invade our personal space. It’s the nature of the beast.

My mom always says, “Jasmine you just keep on living.” That’s all we can do…live our lives for ourselves, to the best of our abilities, contently marching to our own beat!

…For I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.
Philippians 4:11



  • avatar Felicia Brown says:

    Jasmine, these comments are so true. I had a similar experience over Thanksgiving weekend and was quickly reminded to be Thankful for all I do have at all times. Over provide Praises unto the Lord at all times. He has it under control. Felicia

  • avatar randolph says:

    thank you … don’t see how i missed that… how about ..be around people that take you to where you want to be… attitude might get here due to knowledge along with empowerment

  • avatar randolph says:

    did i send you the walt whitman thing…? get ready

  • avatar randolph says:

    It is foolish for a man to accumulate material wealth chiefly–houses & land–Our stock in life–our real estate–is that amount of thought which we have had–which we have thought out– The ground we have thus created is forever pasturage for our thoughts– I fall back on visions which I have had– What else adds to my possessions and makes me rich in all lands? If you have ever done any work with these finest tools–the Imagination and Fancy– and Reason–it is a new creation–independent the world–and a possession for ever– You have laid up something against a rainy day. You have to this extent cleared the wilderness– H.D. Thoreau May 1,1860.

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