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Friends, Wendy Williams, wants YOUR opinion on the HOTTEST topic of the WEEK! Watch the video below and share YOUR opinion on this HOT TOPIC in the comment section.


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I believe in redemption, and I grew up with my mom saying, “it’s not over until the FAT lady sings.” I’m reminded every day that only God knows timing. Here’s to seizing THIS day! Can’t wait to read your thoughts on this HOT TOPIC.


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  • Poor Lamar! I am praying that he bounces back! People need to stop blaming the Kardashian crew for stuff! Lamar had problems before he married a Kardashian!

  • avatar Jacy says:

    We all had problems…but I think his family is trying to keep the Kardashian from cashing on as they have in all other parts of their lives….but…all our energy should go in and pray up for him!!!!

  • avatar Jacy says:

    His family is trying to stop the Kardashians from cashing in…but all our energy should be directed for praying for him…

  • avatar Jacy says:

    We all got problems…just pray for him…

  • avatar Teresa Thornburg says:

    It is an awful situation. It seems like Lamar’s demons got the best of him although there is still a shred of hope for him to pull through. I do not think the Kardashians to blame. That is ridiculous! I feel awful for his children!

  • avatar Pam Mines says:

    I’m praying for Lamar. Obviously he is seriously hurting and not able to deal with all that’s happened over the past several weeks and months on his own without support from friends and family. I hope he pulls through and is able to share his story of hurt to heal others. It’s not the Kardashians “fault” that this happened. The decisions that were made were his. He’s an adult and after he gets through this, he will have to decide how to move on with a drug free, successful and happy life.

  • avatar Erin Abbott says:

    I feel that if it’s his “time” that’s between he and God and no one can change that timing. However, if this is not his time I hope he will see his second chance as a gift and opportunity to turn his life around, get clean and help others struggling w addiction or youth struggling w loss. As far as the Kardashians, it may be difficult to live in their reality star spot light, however they’ve given him continuous love and support as well as a family unit he never had.

  • If Lamar is clinically brain dead if he comes out of the coma will he just be in a vegetable state? Do you know how hard it will be for an athlete to live in a vegetable state knowing they can’t move? Hell on earth. Did anyone ever think Lamar was trying to commit suicide and go out like a Rockstar? Come on now. Look at the drugs in his system and what he did. Did Lamar create his own cocktail for death? Real drug addicts know how to handle their drugs. He paid 75,000 bucks for a 5 day brothel vacation. He could have gone fo Paris for less. He knew what he was doing. I think Lamar was lonely and just felt unloved by the people that were his world . No love from the career that was his life. He had lost everything but the drugs.

  • avatar S. L. Young says:

    Prayers are one of the most critical things that Lamar needs right now; stop with the unnecessary judgments! We all have dealt with issues, but if someone falls then hands should be reached out to assist the individual instead of pointing fingers or not helping them to get back up.

  • avatar Tahira Allen says:

    Lifting Lamar Odom and family in prayer.
    Can we please focus on his children’s while their father is fighting for his life instead of the Kardashian’s, please!
    I pray that Lamar pulls through and receives the help that he needs to enjoy the rest of his life.
    God Bless!

  • avatar Mere Long Wishom says:

    I think this is very sad and I am praying for him and especially his children. I think he knew better, but than again addiction is a sickness. I do not judge anyone or point fingers. I believe that if you can’t say anything positive, don’t say anything at all.

  • avatar Madcartoonist says:

    It looks like Lamar is showing some activity! We will see what happens!

  • avatar Ann Young says:

    We can’t guess what’s best for anyone not even ourselves. It’s always up to God. We may think we know. I’ve learned to let go & let God (sometimes it takes me a while to let go). When it’s Lamar time he’ll have to decide with God & nobody else. Best we do is pray for all concerned.

  • avatar Michele says:

    While I think what happened is tragic, I also believe I cannot seize the day if I’m busy focusing on “breaking down all the juicy hot topics” (gossip) out there. Celebrity gossip is poison to our hearts, our minds and society as a whole. If we want to live in the moment and truly seize the day, we must learn to be present in our own lives.

    • avatar Jasmine says:

      You’re right! Celebrity gossip and certain reality shows are my guilty pleasure. Can I train my mind to make the gym a guilty pleasure? 😉 CARPE DIEM

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