As Providence Will Guide Me

This past weekend I went away to celebrate the birthday of one of my dearest friends and the birthday of another friend. It was a mini vacation that could not have come at a better time. I’ve been on the grind professionally, experiencing some lows and weighing big decisions personally…needless to say there’s been A LOT on my mind.

Sunday morning we woke up early to embark on a sand dunning excursion at the Al Maha Resort (which is AMAZING, more to come at later time). It was a bright morning despite the abundance of clouds in the sky.  As our tour guide drove us further out into the desert I saw these rays coming from the sun.


It was a like scene from a movie.


It was beautiful.


    It was GOD!

As Providence Will Guide You 1

April 21. 2013 @ Al Maha Resort


I’ve heard people talk about their encounters with God and I am a person of deep faith but it was something very SPECIAL in that moment of stillness, beauty and LIGHT.  It was an encounter with God! It was Providence brightly and boldly reminding me that all things work for the good of those who love him and who have been called according to his purpose.


So my CARPE DIEM moment for the week is remembering to follow the guide that is Providence.  As Providence will guide me!




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  • avatar Caroline Hodge says:

    Very touching words, and it was God! Thanks for sharing these beautiful words.

  • Thank you for writing your heart. I read this twice and was touched by your words. I love you lady, please tweet at me every time you post something new. I am honored to know you.
    BTW I love it when I see a GOD photograph and you captured it!

    God’s Girl
    Cheryl Action Jackson

  • avatar R Moore says:

    Congrats on your encounter with God. Spring time always reminds me of His greatness and It would be hard for me to not believe in Him. Thanks for reminding me of our awesome creator. You are a special lady.

  • avatar Vida says:

    I love it, Jasmine! How beautiful! I LOVE a “Jesus Sky”, as I often call it! 🙂 I can feel God’s rays, as if I were there with you, so there couldn’t be a better compliment to a writer, I don’t believe! 🙂

    Keep spreading the love and light, Girlfriend! I enjoy your posts and appreciate you sharing! God bless you!

    Love and best wishes,


  • Hi Jasmine! Loved your Providence post. God is good all the time. Isn’t it awesome too see Him in the unique things as well as in the mundane, everyday things? Love your perspective…..Take care…..

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