Carpe Diem Challenge: September 10, 2013

Carpe Diem Challenge

I don’t know how she does but my mother finds a way to mention that I’m not married and childless EVERY SINGLE DAY! I don’t think she realizes how annoying it is despite the numerous times I have told her to stop.

Yesterday I  drove myself into a state of fear that I would become an “old single cat lady.”  I’m not sure what triggered it.

It may have been this article from the Huffington Post, ” 7 Things to Never Say to Single Woman,” one of my friends shared on Facebook yesterday. Whatever the stimuli I sunk into a bad case of woe is me… I’m not married and I don’t have any kids yet. I hope I don’t turn into an “old single cat lady.”  Mind you that’s NOT my normally MO. I know lots of people that are unhappily married (I pray I’m never a part of that group), I know married couples that don’t have sex (why get married) and I have friends that have children that drive them stir crazy. On top of that despite the annoying daily comments/nags or “friendly reminders” from my mom and subtle comments from other family members I LOVE MY LIFE 97% of the time.

Nonetheless, I was in a funk yesterday afternoon.

One of my friends tweeted out this video of Oprah Winfrey yesterday. YouTube Preview Image

Despite the fact that I know the story she shared and even though I’ve heard her tell the story on the Oprah Winfrey Show and at O You, listening to it yesterday gave me goosebumps. I’ve talked about the FAITH WALK that has been a part of my journey but I realized my faith varies in strength in different aspects of my life. I think I got the goosebumps because I haven’t been completely faithful about marriage and having children. I’ve allowed other people’s comments to sway me and cause me to loose a little faith.

Listening to Oprah’s story reminded me of the importance of truly surrendering. I can’t be on a FAITH WALK if I’m busy plotting and scheming. So my CARPE DIEM moment for September 10th was a friendly reminder to SURRENDER!

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  • avatar Luisa says:

    Dear Jas!
    What is yours is yours…Don’t worry about the future. Keep seizing the moment!

  • Girl! Own it – don’t let doubt creep in. I have a printable you’d probably enjoy because it’s about being authentic. It’s called Blogging Your Truth, but can apply to anything really. Anyhow, you should check it out. Remember, God has put you in this place perfectly and in perfect timing. I had to tell myself that through 3 years of infertility and also the loss of one of my triplets after 49 days. God will do amazing things with your story if you let him. You never know who you’re reaching for his glory. Also, remember, comparison is the thief of all joy! Love yourself, your life, and your God. 😉

    • avatar Jasmine says:

      Hi Angela-

      I would love to download your printable. Where can I find it? LOVE your saying “Love yourself, your life, and your God!” CARPE DIEM

  • avatar Arianne says:

    Surrendering is so hard to do, but when we realize that we aren’t the ones who are in control, there is a certain amount of freedom that comes with that. Great post, Jasmine!

  • avatar Carla says:

    Remember, don’t let others define you. All our lives people try to put borders around us, telling us who we can and can’t be, where we can and can’t go. Be true to yourself. Follow your own path. CARPE DIEM!

  • Ohhh the comparison game…it never gets us anywhere, except in a world of feeling not good enough. Don’t compare, girl! God has a plan for you 🙂

  • avatar Erica says:

    Don’t forget that you are beautiful, very intelligent and such a social butterfly! The right person will be lucky to have you. No worries…it always happens when you least expect it and most importantly when you stop worrying about it.

  • avatar Dawn says:

    As long as you are happy and healthy, the rest will fall into place as it is meant to be. I loved your post, thank you for sharing.

  • avatar Sarah says:

    I have to agree with Stephanie. Comparing ourselves to others does nothing but make us miserable. I am all about defining what a good life is for myself and anyone that doesn’t like it can go suck an egg 😉

  • avatar Liz says:

    Well said – not all who are married are happy. Focus on yourself and your own happiness. That is what matters.

  • avatar masha says:

    You’re mum is pretty oldschool… I loved being single and I know I’m gonna miss “me” time when I have kids. Enjoy while it lasts. 😉

  • avatar Gina says:

    I totally agree with Erica–as soon as you stop looking, the right person will find you. It always seems to happen that way! I hate to tell you to not listen to your mother, but she sounds a lot like mine, and I can never do anything right, either. Somehow I turned out okay 🙂

  • avatar Toia B. says:

    Wow Jasmine… unsolicited reminders about where we’re NOT in life are never fun! I feel for you. But you seem to be having a rather productive life and I love how you mentioned the different types of scenarios that are less than perfect. Why people think being married w/ kids is always a bed of roses is beyond me. Live and let live- something we should all live by. Continue to be happy and fulfilled in your current state and if things happen to change, so be it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Your post reminds me of something similar my mother did. At my younger sister’s wedding, I was congratulated on MY engagement several times. I had been dating my high school sweetheart for about 12 years at the time. Thing is…he had not proposed yet. I really was OK with that because I knew it would happen in due time. I realized later that my mother had been telling family and friends at my sister’s reception that I was getting married soon. I was a little embarrassed and had to set a few people straight–including my mother. My proposal came about 6 months later. When it was supposed to! Right now is not always the RIGHT time. Carpe Diem, Jasmine! Great post.

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