Carpe Diem Challenge: September 13, 2013

Make new friends but keep the old….

One of my dear friends, Daarel is starting a new chapter and moving from Atlanta to Memphis to work at this really cool education “hub.” In the spirit of celebrating his NEW job and NEW chapter my friend Natasha and I invited Daarel out for a “last hooray in A.”

We had a great time laughing, reminiscing and simply being ourselves. Our time together really helped my seize the day because the “summer cold” had me out for the count the majority of the day. It’s great to have friends that know your past, present and are EXCITED about your future.


Jasmine- Daarel- Tasha2


Make new friends but keep the old and don’t forget to seize the day!


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  • avatar Modern Gypsy says:

    Friends are our biggest treasures! One of my friends will be getting married soon and moving out of the country – the very thought saddens me, even though I’m very happy for her.

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