Carpe Diem ~ Seize the Day

Whecarpe-diemn I decided to re-launch my blog I knew I wanted to have a designated place where I could share how I seize the day.  Most people think seizing the day is about grandiose experiences, buying expensive things or taking fabulous vacations but it really isn’t.  It’s a mindset…it’s about being in the present and making the most of each and everyday.  After all, tomorrow is not promised.  Here is where you will find out how I  SEIZE THE DAY, my suggestions and ideas on how we can SEIZE THE DAY.        


  1. Jasmine~
    The Gratitude Journal is magical.
    All the things that happen in a day, spill out on that page at night and I am in awe…..
    I do it with my boys some nights as we say our prayers … I will ask what where your 5 tiny miracles today…. They say nothing really Mom…but then they start telling me and they too are amazed at the wonderful world that unfolds for them daily. I hope to read more of your blog post..keep them coming Jasmine…
    All good things,
    Patricia Rossi

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