I was moved tonight by the story of a retired black serivce man who had spent a good amount of time on a US Airforce base outside of Biloxi, Mississippi. During his time in segregated Mississippi he was not permitted to go to the “White Only” beach and was therefore he was forced to spend the majority of his free time on the military base.

Times have surely change. When I lived in Alabama a few years ago, Biloxi was one of my favorite quick getaway destinations. Due to the marching, rallying, protesting, dying, fighting and talking that several people (black and white) particiapted in during the Civil Rights Era I am able to go to the Beach in Biloxi, Mississippi. I’m able to sit in the front of the bus, shop freely in whatever store I want, attend integrated schools and use whatever public bathroom I choose to. I’m beneifiting from the marching, rallying, protesting, dying, fighting and talking that took place from 1954 to 1971. In essence, I’m standing on the shoulders of the hard work performed so many years ago by people that decided they had had enough of the racial injustice.
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