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Those that know me personally, know that I collect dolls and have an affinity for Barbies! This past week I saw a tweet that about the Barbie is Moving Tour coming to Minneapolis I immediately put on my “Auntie Jasmine” hat and called my friend to arrange a “borrowing”  of her daughter to take her to the Barbie is Moving Tour (being the BIG kid at heart that I am)!


Nya and I went to Barbie is Moving Tour today at Southdale Center in Minneapolis, MN and we had a FABULOUS time. Coincidently we both wore tutus.



We ROCKED the runway in pink tutus and boas!

Jasmine and Nya on Barbie Runway


At the Barbie is Moving Tour we made DESIGNER outfits for our Barbies


coloring dress


We also discovered Mega Bloks (at first I thought they were legos) and had a wonderful time building a fun house for Barbie. Nya is SUPER EXCITED that I posted a picture of the house she built on Facebook. She’s hoping to win the “Barbie Dream Room Creation” contest.

finished mega bloks


Finally, Nya got a special bracelet painted on her wrist. She said this was her favorite part of the day!

Nya Bracelet Paint


I thoroughly enjoyed the Barbie is Moving Tour with Nya. My inner child loved designing a dress for Barbie and playing with the Mega Blocks. However, my FAVORITE part of the day is the pearl of wisdom Nya shared with me a lunch after the tour. She said, “you know what the best thing about family is? LOVE, and you can’t buy that!”

So although we aren’t blood family it was great to spend some quality time with a part of my Minnesota FRAMILY (Friends that have become family).  It really is a blessing to have FAMILY and FRAMILY to Carpe Diem with!

I say don’t be afraid to channel your inner child and CARPE DIEM. If you are into Barbie check out, the tour may be in your town next!




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  • Hey Jasmine! Channeling your inner child is awesome! When I was younger, my sister and I had a collection of barbies and to this day we kept our favorites. They are in a box somewhere but we tugged them into bed before we put them in there 😉 We just love them so much!

  • avatar Astraea Thigpen says:

    It sounds like both of you had an awesome time at the Barbie is Moving Tour! It’s hard to tell who had the better time you or Nya! Isn’t amazing all of the lessons we can learn from children? Spending time with our inner child allows us to reflect back and remember how care free we were as children. We are able to retry the things that we liked doing as kids and it allows for us to imagine, invent and create. As adults, we often foget to just have FUN because we are so busy working, taking care of a family etc…. If only for just a few moments a revisit with your inner child reminds us to remember a good childhood memory and the things that it took to make us feel safe, fulfilled, and most importantly HAPPY. Great Post Jasmine!

  • avatar Andrea says:

    Oh Nya and you look so FAB and so excited! Love the painted bracelet too:-)

  • avatar Jay Grewal says:

    “Every adult, whether he is a follower or a leader, a member of a mass or of an elite, was once a child.” ~ Erik H. Erikson
    We resurrect our inner child through the working memory. I remember playing with Hot-Wheels and GI JOES like it was yesterday. Every time I see one, my fingers subconsciously take the shape of a hand at play, moving these objects of our youth up hills made of couches, rugs of sand and floors of marble earth. I relive those memories now through the eyes of my nephew, and even find myself grabbing, reaching, coiling for a HOT-WHEEL 🙂

  • avatar Michaela says:

    Jasmine…this is so cute! Looks like you and Nya had a blast!

  • Jasmine, I throughly enjoyed your post and the beautiful pictures of you and Nya (what a doll). This post reminded me of how important family and framily is, since being away from both parties in MN I have been adopted by others as framily here in MS. Thank you for sharing.

    With love,

    • avatar Jasmine says:

      They’re the ones we can count on when stuff hits the fan. Hope you’re having a WODNERFUL Summer! Carpe Diem

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